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Elvira Willems - resumee


2005: SIGV Spanish (court interpreters)
• 1993: Certificate of Proficiency in English
• 1992: Teacher training college French
• 1990: Translator’s and interpreter’s school Spanish
• 1985: Translator’s and interpreter’s school French
• 1981: Social Sciences (adult educational theory), Bachelor’s degree
• 1979: High School Gymnasium B

Permanent education:

• 2016: specialisation mental health and addiction care
• 2016: web redactor
• 2016: Workers' Rights in a Global Economy (ILO)
• 2011: Media Coach
• 2011: Introduction legal translation Spanish - Dutch
• 2007: Intensive course simultaneous interpretation
• 1995: Italian language courses
• 1991: Private tuition Portuguese (translation and interpretation)
• 1983: Journalism course by distance learning

Experience record:

• 1986-now: Freelance jobs for more than 60 organisations;
Tasks: interpreting, accompaniment of foreign delegations, translations (Dutch, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese).

• 2000-now: FNV Mondiaal in Amsterdam;
Position held: project administration;
Tasks: monitoring and evaluation of projects financed by FNV Mondiaal.

• 1999-2004: AgroLink in Amsterdam;
Position held: general co-ordinator and project manager;
Activities: international meetings, exchanges and networks for trade unions in the coffee sector (Germany, Netherlands, Brazil) and the confectionery sector (Western and Eastern Europe);
Tasks: general co-ordination and project management; organisation and implementation of meetings, seminars and exchanges; writing of publications; translation.

• 1998-now: SDI Media Netherlands in Hilversum;
Tasks: translation of international items for the television news.

• 1988-1998: Transnationals Information Exchange in Amsterdam;
Positions held: project manager, translator and general co-ordinator;
Activities: international trade union exchanges and meetings about multinationals, globalisation, flexibilisation, production chains, etc.;
Tasks: general co-ordination of six offices in São Paulo, Detroit, Bangkok, Moscow, Frankfurt and Amsterdam; organisation and implementation of meetings, seminars and exchanges; writing of publications; fund raising and (financial) reporting; translations.

Language skills:

Language Speaking Writing Reading
Dutch excellent excellent excellent
English excellent excellent excellent
French excellent good excellent
German excellent excellent good
Italian excellent good good
Portuguese excellent excellent excellent
Spanish excellent excellent excellent

Computer skills:

MS Windows, MS Office, Trados SDL